WE Lifestyle: Home, Sweet Home by SPV

My family's Thanksgiving tradition has become quite unconventional ever since I packed my bags to cross the country. Like last year, I spent this year's turkey day in NYC at a restaurant (and the year before in San Sebastian, Spain visiting my brother who was studying there). While there are times I miss gathering around the large dining room table with my relatives in California, there is also something magical about being in the city at the initiation of winter. And to be quite honest, popping in to Dominique Ansel on the way from my apartment to Thanksgiving morning at the Trump Soho - where my parents stay -  just to impulsively purchase a fall treat to share with our room service bacon and coffee had me feeling like a downtown Blair Waldorf (the Thanksgiving episodes are my FAVORITE). Anyway, I recently moved from Chelsea to SoHo, and furniture.com suggested I give you all a little peak at where I now hang my hat ;). 



The white brick makes the perfect backsplash for my primarily black and white non-closet (though I do have one!) and my two windows allow for a decent amount of mid-morning light. To say I'm pleased with our new spot would be a major understatement. 

Thanks to furniture.com for being a convenient shopping experience for recently-moved people like me, and for being the brains behind this post! 

Where did you spend Thanksgiving? 

xo, SPV 

WE Lifestyle: Happy Halloween!

WE wish you a Happy Halloween, from the WEST to the EAST!

KBG: Babe the blue ox // SPV: Silver fox

WE Workout: 3 HIIT Classes in NYC with Spa-like Facilities by SPV

So for me, the week before 4th of July is always crunch time. I am guaranteed to be in a bikini, whether on the West or East coast. This year (like last), I'll be headed out to Montauk, and so I've been eating insanely strict (think alcohol once a week, eating within 8hrs every day, super low carb) and working out like a mad-woman. Lucky for me, I have some killer studios in NYC.

About six months ago, I rejoined ClassPass and rediscovered my love for high intensity training. Since then, I've checked out dozens of classes, some met with an eye roll, others with obsession that's led me to purchase packages outside my monthly CP fee. Just like NYC has spoiled me into the realization that restaurants are not just about the food, I now no longer think gyms are just about the workout.
Here are my top three favorite ass-kicking classes (on ClassPass!) with major spa feels:

1. Solace New York

The workout: Solace Body is my most recent discovery (thanks to a couple girls from church). This is another high intensity cross-fit-y class, but with more focus on endurance than lifting heavy weights. Probably the easiest of the three, but still a gnarly workout. I have also taken Solace Flow here, their version of power yoga, which was AMAZING; a lot of core and a great mix-up from the high-intensity workouts I'm prone to take.
The locker room: Takes the cake. Tons of lockers, beautiful wood floors, showers, and back splash... And hydrangeas. In the locker room. One downfall is Solace only provides large bath towels, which they do not allow you to take with you outside of the locker room, so if you sweat, bring your own.
Instructor: Heather for Body and Tiana for Flow.


The workout: This cool (lol) cross-fit gym in Tribeca features a class called "HAIL," for high intensity strength training lovers like me. The warm-up is the hardest part-- 20 straight minutes of gnarly cardio/body weight movements.
The locker room: Gorgeous. Dark blue and white tiled floors, gold details, and plenty of counter space.
Instructor: Check out Ace's class! He's like a giant, intense teddy bear.


3. Kore

The workout: My first love. This "Higher Intensity Interval Training" always leaves me feeling confident, strong, and sexy, with sweat pouring down my face. Side note, Kore (located in Meatpacking) is celebrating their 1 year anniversary with $200 unlimited monthly memberships! (aka they'll be seeing a lot more of me).
The locker room: On the smaller side, but modern and chic. Great products and as long as you can snag a shower, youll be just fine. Plus! Kore provides tea tree oil towels for a post-sweat refresher.
Instructor: Definitely try Erin and Elssa's classes!

Have any must-try classes/beautiful studios? I'd love to check them out!

Happy sweating.