the WEST meets the EAST

WE all possess unique lenses in which we perceive the world. 

At WE Perceive, our lens is rose-colored.

WE explore the world with a vigorous passion.

WE are driven by what makes our citiesβ€”Portland, OR and New York, NY (and every one of our other destinations)β€” brilliant:

the lives, the styles, the eats.

WE Perceive is a bi-coastal lifestyle blog owned and operated by two life-long friends who have been a 'WE' for over two decades [originally hailing from the same neighborhood in sunny California].

Now experiencing life on separate coasts, KBG and SPV use WE Perceive as a curated platform to express their everyday, crazy beautiful PDX and NYC lives in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Welcome to WE Perceive