WE Ebb, and WE Will Flow by SPV

Lately, the words just have not been flowin'. And it is not only in regards to WE Perceive. I feel jilted in many areas of my life. When people ask me how I have been doing or how work is going, I find myself explaining how stretched thin I feel (and not in a physical way). My creativity is slacking and that is either the cause or the effect of a lack of inspiration.

When I take a step back and think about the above objectively I have a couple of responses:

1.) Duh, of course you feel stretched thin. You're living a life made up of a million different parts, in New York City of all places, the city that never sleeps because this city never stops doing something. You're obviously always doing things too. (So, is the solution to pick a few things and stick with them? That is terrifying to me because I hate commitment and I do not like making difficult decisions, like choosing just a few things to pour into in my life UGH). 


2.) How can you even admit to not feeling inspired every single second of every day of your life?! You live in NEW YORK CITY. Not only is this place packed with inspring people, experiences, food, history, stories, etc., AND it is also the love of your life! Sure relationships go through ebbs and flows, but snap out of it! You were once head over heels in love and you can certainly revive that. When you do, your mind will once again be stimulated (AKA this lack of inspo is the hated cliché, "it's not you it's me"). 

I want to be inspired because it is when I am feeling enthusiastic and passionate about life that I am able to inspire others. Passion ignites passion. 

There is nothing worse than being bored. And when I feel bored, I typically experience guilt (which is never ideal). Whether it be at work, where my guilt-ed conscience insists there is SOMETHING I should be doing, or just in life, where that same bitch rolls her eyes and recites the list of the above, my boredom typically leads to guilt.

Shamelessness is moral leprosy. Of course I want to feel guilt when I should-- but because I am having an Ebb day (or week), absolutely not. As with the nature of order, the next Flow day (and weeks) are just around the corner. 

What I guess I am trying to say is, no matter your circumstances, no matter how beautiful your life, the tide still goes out, and the tide will always come back in (did you guys know that is the root of the saying Ebb and Flow?!). Even when I am feeling like a chicken with her head cut off in the most spectacular city on Earth, it is only a matter of time until the tide rushes back upon the shore and restores all of this ish.