WE Recap October by KBG + SPV

Halloween / the start of November is what we deem as the "pre-promo" of Fall. While fall officially started a while back, in our book, last weekend is considered the kick-off for the really fall-y, Fall.

After November first, the red cups come out, the leaves pour down, and it finally feels mentally acceptable to wear a coat (unless you are also in NYC and experiencing this abnormal / miraculous 70 degrees).

Anyway! Here is a little collab-ed photo-recap of our end-of-Octobers / Halloweens, from coast to coast. 

 Karl Lagerfeld // Fit: Gucci sunnies + H&M suit and accessories. 

Karl Lagerfeld // Fit: Gucci sunnies + H&M suit and accessories. 


Hope you are all relishing in what this beautiful season has to offer (aka not snow), and are as excited as WE are for the upcoming weeks. Now there are only 50 days until Christmas! But heaps of fun WE have planned to come before we get there. Stay tuned :)


ps any favorite fall activities we should add to our to do lists?!