WE Got Baggage [and a GIVEAWAY!] by SPV + KBG

While we love the Chloe Faye and YSL chain wallet as much as the next girl (if not more), WE both have lives in real big cities that require us to haul quite a lot of things around on the daily. Here is a peek into our day-to-day necessities, all wrapped up in our carryalls:


Found this Zara tote for less than $40! It’s a compliment attractor (including the guys at Saint Laurent) and acts as the perfect daily black hole:

Metro card – aka a New Yorker's car keys; I cannot get around the city without this retro-looking thing

Headphones – these were so cheap on Amazon and have lasted forever! Cannot survive a day on the subway or noisy, NYC streets without my headphones to keep me sane. My latest soundtrack? New York City by The Chainsmokers

Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com – WE all need a little extra lovin' (it’s my cuticles bff). And the coconut “vacation” scent? Perfect for those of us who don’t see a beach vacay in the near (or distant) future  

La Mer Soft Cream – Now that I live somewhere that actually has winter, my hands get so dry! I have been nursing this 0.5oz since last Christmas (hint hint, mom)

LIP LIP LIP – I always attempt to mix it up, but I can't let this classic red lip trifecta go (Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella + Chanel Rouge Allure in 99 Pirate + Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in 19 Pirate). More often than not, though, my lips are coated simply in a layer of Nivea

Refreshment – Trident white, arctic peppermint Altoids, Earth Balance Coconut PB packet, Sugarfina's brut and rose flavored gummy bears or champagne bubbles (when it isn’t quite 5 o’clock…), my bag always has some kind of treat for an on-the-go pick-me-up    

iPhone – as much as I like to think I could survive without my phone, it truly acts as my lifeline. From keeping in contact with my fam and inquiring about my latest Insta to KBG to ordering my iced coffee with heavy cream via the Starbucks app and getting an Uber, my Sonix-clad phone and I rarely part (and it’s so pretty!)


This Vegan Free People Slouchy Tote is big, modern, simple, and black, aka the perfect everyday bag that can hold allllll my ish:

Keys – keys to the apartment, keys to my CA home, a key card to the gym, keys for things I can't even remember…I think I need to get rid of some keys, ha!

iPhone – Syd couldn't have said it better: it’s the lifeline. It keeps me connected to my family, my work email, and the endless emojis and GIFs I send to SPV. At times, I wish I could throw it into a lake and watch it disappear for good; it's so nice to be disconnected sometimes. But hey, I'll just have to use my own discipline to break away from the social realm once in a while (mental note to self)

Headphones – Some days I feel like listening to the city noise, other days I want to get lost in my latest playlist on Spotify. I keep my headphones on me always to use them at work or when I'm out and about. (Note- I don't use these when I work out because they're too pretty to dirty up with sweat LOL.) Check 'em out here: Urbanears Plattan Pendleton Edition

Lip Color – My current go-to lip color is NYX Thalia #529. I love it so much it is the star of a recent post, here

Glossier Balm Dot Com – Seriously, this stuff is the bomb (dot com). I use this balm religiously (and made SPV a devotee). I probably have it on my lips 80% of the day. I wear it to bed too! It is the perfect product for going into the winter. I can already feel my skin craving more moisture, blah!

Glossier Rosewater Mist – another necessary kiss of moisture, and so refreshing! This is my go-to spritz at 2pm when the afternoon is getting the best of me and I need a pick-me-up

Sunnies – for the days when the sun decides to peep out of the clouds (I always welcome it with the sunnies). 

[Handmade, Genuine Leather] Wallet – Lucky I have this beauty! When I worked at Iron & Resin, I made friends with a talented leather guru who made me a wallet for the heck of it. I love this thing!

Pouch of Miscellaneous – contact solution, ibuprofen, gum, detox tea bag, mini hairbrush, concealer... for those days when I need it most, I have it all in there


Our bags are overflowing with the things we need every day (clearly). And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, WE are overflowing with gratitude that we get to live out our dreams in our favorite cities and share the journeys with all of you! 

So…we would like to extend that thankfulness into a


of a few of our favorite things!

Check out our Instagram tomorrow (11/20) to enter for a chance to win the above: a Sonix "Good Vibes Only" phone case, Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com (how many times have we gushed about this stuff?), and Sugarfina's Brut & Champagne Mini Gummy Bears! 

If you enter more than once, leave a comment below with the number of times you have earned entry! Good luck, xx.