WE Resolute by SPV

I gave up gluten for a year and gained five pounds. How’s that for a hook?

I decided about a year ago that I would be completely gluten free in 2015. It was to be my first resolution that I would stick to for an entire year.

 December 31st, 2014

December 31st, 2014

I first stopped eating gluten during my senior year of high school, after my homeopathic doctor suggested I ditch the G while we were trying to pinpoint stressors on my hormones and fix my thyroid. At that time, giving up wheat was completely taboo; there were only a handful of gluten free companies. And at that time, it was less about replacing wheat flour for brown rice flour or almond meal and more about eating whole foods like meats, vegetables, legumes. I lost 30 pounds.

Over the next few years, I remained noncommittally gluten free. But with the changes of going off to college and then abroad to Europe, I was far less restricting about wheat while still dabbling in various diets that primarily limited it. I have fluctuated up and down since that initial drop in weight, like a normal person. But I did not make my 2015 resolution with the end goal of dropping more weight (though I hoped it would be a side effect). I chose to give up gluten for a whole year because I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick to something for a whole year. I wanted tangible proof that I was actually the stubborn/determined person I consider myself.


I knew I could go a year without gluten, so I did. Now that 2016 is around the corner, do I plan on diving into the nearest Dominique Ansel cronuts and Balthazar bread? Nah. Do I think being gluten free is healthy? Yes, when “gluten” is not supplemented with just-as-processed flours made not of gluten. Do I think being gluten free caused me to gain five pounds? No way. A few pounds were the consequence of enjoying my life in New York City – from glass after glass of Prosecco to dinners out at the best restaurants, all the while celebrating my beautiful life alongside my amazing friends.

New Year’s resolutions are important. Like checking items off my to-do list at work, sticking to a resolution offered me a sense of accomplishment. I have not yet decided on my 2016 resolution, but now that I have done something for an entire year, there is no doubt in my mind that whatever it may be, I’ll be sticking to it. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Have a safe and beyond happy New Year, babes!