WE Begin by SPV

WE came up with the idea concurrently .

I, Sydney, unemployed and alone (in the most desirable sense), was meandering through Lincoln Center for my necessary walk-through of Mercedes Fashion Week, having just moved to New York City two long months prior. It was September 7th, my mom’s birthday. With no major shows taking place at this particular hour, photographers were snapping shots of any sunglass-clad, heel-clacking gal, with the hope of, I assumed, scoring a shot of some internet-famed blogger they had not yet known existed. They asked me to be that for them; I politely declined in my mind, weighing the monumental amount of work, and my technology illiteracy. I told Kimberlin the same in so many words. But as I quickly processed, making my way down Broadway, we already had a dream team. She came to the same epiphany. At the same exact moment, we each received a caps-lock laden text from each other with our revelation: WE would start a blog together. WE Perceive, though without a name at this point, was born.

From that point on, my ideas flowed. My commute uptown on the E train (I started the dream job I had interviewed for four times later that week) would yield countless thoughts that were overcrowded in my mind, yearning to be shared with the world. Before WE, I would not give the idea the time it needed to develop; who was capable of doing so between grabbing a cup of coffee and walking to work anyway?! I would let my inspirations fleet, as I had no purpose to entertain them. With the birth of WE, I began writing them down in my phone. I stored them away for safe keeping until I was ready to sit down and nurture them into a post for our new blog.

I felt on top of my game. These blurts of post ideas would cushion the blow of being stuck in an inevitable rut of writer’s block in the future.

As I write this, I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, Café Minerva, watching the passers-by through the window in my favorite neighborhood, West Village. I half walked, half cabbed (while it may be underlined with squiggly red, it is actually just your common case of anthimeria, using a noun as a verb; a popular one in Manhattan, I may add) from my apartment in Chelsea, all the while continuing my conversation with Richie, and then Nick, from Apple Support (mind you, this lasted two hours). I will put in every ounce of effort I can in the hopes of yielding what I want. This time, the valiant effort (two hours on the phone with customer service on a Saturday?!) was to no avail. That page of notes I had kept tight in my grasp (who ever puts their iPhone down anyway) had vanished with the iCloud backup, which was supposed to serve as an aid in my iPhone 4 to iPhone 6 transition (remember my above mention of technology struggles? Yeah). The whole backup thing backfired. I would have to start from the beginning, before the beginning had even begun.


So here I am. Welcome and Enjoy, Sydney Paige.