WE work it by SPV

Half of WE had an interview yesterday, so the other half stepped in accordingly to offer a pep•talk. Then it occurred to me, what better time to cover interviews on WE?!


What I find to be (nearly) the most irritating thing in the world is when an individual under-values him/herself. And there is no more detrimental time to do so than during an interview. Thus, if you’re a bff giving the pep•talk, rub their ego like it is a genie’s lamp ready to grant you an unlimited supply of Ladurée macarons without the consequence of a single pound. And if you’re the one going in for the interview for the job of your dreams (whether that dream is to conquer the world or simply pay your rent), know that any doubt that is attempting to cloud your mind must be thwarted. For example, if you’re thinking “I am just not qualified enough for this position,” respond with something along the lines of: “What position will I ever truly be 100% qualified for? And if I were, what would be the point? If there are no challenges, there will be no growth.”


 This leads me to my first point:

1. Mind over matter. 

Most things are. So, go in truly believing you’re going to rock the socks off the interviewer, and that the company would be honored to have you. It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be (act like you are). 

2. Dress the part.

My first interview for my current position, I wore a neck-high Parker A-line black dress, a structured jacket, pumps...and every girl in the office donned a casual sundress and strappy, flat sandals. I talked to my parents about this after, contemplating what I would wear to my next interview. My dad (who is a CEO and has done plenty of hiring in his day) gave me a great nugget of advice: “I’ve never not hired someone for being over dressed.”

Duh, right? Simply refer to Oscar Wilde’s age old saying:

3. Remember my last post? ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT.

If this job is something you truly want, you know what? Forget the question! Come right out and declare to your interviewer: “I want this job.” If you honestly do, you certainly won’t have an issue coming up with answers to their next question (“Why?”).

4. When the interview is over, the interview is not over.

Send a thank you email and follow up with a thank you note (courier that note if necessary!). The more you want the job, the more you should show them you want it (I do not recommend this tactic when it comes to dating, by the way). Harassment is not a thing when it comes to landing a job. Bug your future employer, show how adamant you are, and you will be the one at the forefront of their mind when it comes down to deciding who should fill the position. Let me tell you, it is SO uncomfortable. But that means there probably aren't a whole lot of other candidates doing the same. Stand out. I called my current boss a number of times and only got crickets. AWKWARD. But now I am the one who answers her phone. It works, people.


A little birdie told me KBG nailed her interview yesterday. Stay tuned to WE P for her ultra fresh take on the job hunt and interview process!


p.s. If you're ever looking for advice regarding landing your dream job, or need someone to give you that pre•interview pep•talk, please do not hesitate to contact us. WE are always happy to help.