WE Travel: NYC - The London & Trump SoHo by SPV

                   KBG and I initially set out with WE Perceive to share all that we discover about our post-grad lives and the fascinating cities we have chosen to experience them in. 

I love telling people about what I love. So you can only imagine how much I love to show the people that I love what I love!

Yesterday my mom flew back to Santa Barbara and my NYC stay-cation came to an end; I don’t think we could have had more fun! Playing tour guide in New York City is the best-- there is never a shortage of new places to add to my NYC Favorites List. This makes it way easy to show people around town. Here’s a photo recap of my perfect stay-cay:  

Dinner at Marea and rooftop drinks at Hotel Hugo

vscocam-photo-1 (2).jpg

We made a friend at Quality Italian to join our Chanel party. Incredible steak tartare, a group shot, and the bar at The Clocktower

Italian spread from Eataly, a mirror selfie at The London hotel (confession: we moved back to the trusty Trump SoHo after a few days uptown), and a couple shots from one of my favorite places in New York City, Fonda Nolita (more on that later). 

Below, the amazing drinks (and mom's adorable new Prada sunnies) at Koi (not pictured: the best crispy rice with spicy tuna in the city) and the amazing view from our hotel bathroom. 

Overall, it was a perfect weekend, playing in my favorite city with my favorite person!

The most recent adds to my NYC Favorites List:

- The bar at The Clocktower. It is a brand new restaurant in the Edition Hotel in Flatiron. The food is beautiful and tasty, but even cooler, the restaurant has a feel like no other in this city (we can thank the wildly talented, English transplant chef Jason Atherton for that). 

Fonda Nolita for a casual lunch. They started as a food truck in Cancun! And it has such a Southern California vibe. (It would be so fun to have a party here). 

-All of the sales in the city right now!! Mom and I scored at Iro in Soho, Stuart Weitzman on Madison, and Bloomies on 3rd! 

- Any of the millions of refreshing TEQUILA cocktails around Manhattan. A year ago, you could not get me to take a single tequila shot. These days it’s my liquor of choice! (Thanks G). The best of the best: 

  • Quality Italian’s margarita (tequila and chili infused honey poured over a tricolor ice cube made of strawberry and jalepeno)
  • The Smith’s Cucumber Loco (tequila, combier orange, lime, pinch of salt)
  • Fonda Nolita’s Poloma (fresh grapefruit, club soda, & tequila)
  • Koi’s Koi Diablo (tanteo tequila, muddled cucumber, lime juice).


The most important aspect of a stay-cation? Room service. 


Do you have a must-add for my NYC Favorites List? If so, please share!