WE are obsessed by KBG + SPV

WE thought we should share what has got us smilin' as of late.


1.) Riffsy, Inc GIF Keyboard

Guys, it's hilarious. When emojis just are not enough to communicate your emotions...

2.) Coconut oil

WE use it to whiten our teeth, soften our skin, and sautée our veggies. AND THAT SCENT! Can WE get an amen? Which reminds us, SPV bought this love+salt spray for skin and hair as a subtle, summer scented reminder of home (Key ingredients: Unconditional love, purified water, French sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, coconut oil). 

3.) Underwood Wine [in a can]

Because it is Summer, so why not drink your Pinot Noir like a beer?! And it is the perfect addition to any picnic. And WE are obsessed with picnics. 

And if you're not a wine-drinker, check out Coca-Cola Life. Admittenly, WE don't drink soda. But if we did, WE would certainly stick to this slick stuff! Made with one of our fave all-natural sweetners, Stevia, it's a great substitution for the hard stuff. And Coca-cola Life sponsors rad parties! Here are a few pics from the Hamptons House event SPV hit up last weekend in Sag Harbor. 


4.) Summer Getaways

Speaking of the Hamptons, WE have a load of summer trips to look forward to (hello WE TRAVEL posts!); definite current obsession. Keep a look out for coverage on Montauk NY, Minnesota, California and more!


What are you obsessed with right now?