WE Necessities: Lists, Lipsticks, & Love by KBG

A lady’s survival guide to keeping life blissful and seriously in order: lists, lipstick, and love. Simple things but sometimes easy to surpass when things get busy.

So let's start with lists.

Lists prioritize. Lists organize. They make life less chaotic. How could you not enjoy making lists? They require you to take a step back, help you determine what you need to do, what you want to do, and what you aspire to do. I will take lists to the grave because they are that good. If you haven’t made one in a while, take a nice five to ten minutes, and make one. You won’t regret it.

Next, lipstick.

IMG_9571 copy.jpg

Whether it is colorful or subtle, shiny or matte, and an all-around winner, this tiny tube of pigment is a girl’s best friend. It can dress up any outfit, or make you look way more put together if you are running late and don’t have time do the full shebang and get ready. We like to keep it simple when it comes to adding products to our faces, but lipstick is one of our major staples to keeping us feeling fresh and exciting. Right now, I am loving two specifically: NYX Thalia #529 (left) and NARS Audacious Lipstick in Poppy Red (right). The first, super casual, the second, for when I am feeling frisky and looking to add an extra boost of color. I have a mad love for both of these lipstick brands and use them religiously.

To save the best for last, let’s talk love.

I’ll keep it short and sweet (though I could talk for hours). Whether it is your significant other, your best friend, or yourself, just remember to love. All are equally important and need that warm, comforting, fulfilling, energizing, and euphoric feeling. So spread that ish like there is no tomorrow! Seriously nothing bad happens when you share love. If anything, good karma will come your way with all the goodness you are bringing. That doesn’t sound bad now, does it? Give someone a hug, go for a run and finish with yoga for some self-gratitude, or write a love note to your babe. These things slip through our fingers and it is what brings us pure joy.

So get out there! Make a list, throw on some lipstick, and spread the love!