WE Travel: The Hamptons by SPV

I have told you all I moved to New York City largely because of my obsession with Gossip Girl, right? Well that show also spurred an obsession within me of every New Yorker's summertime must: The Hamptons. Ever since season two, episode one ("Summer Kind of Wonderful" -- If you have not seen it, run, don't walk: GG Hamptons), a visit to The Hamptons has been at the top of my New-York-City-Life-To-Do-List (it's an actual thing). 

Imagine my surprise, then, when I made it out to The Hamptons multiple times (!) this summer. I have Grace to thank for that. I joined Gracie for a couple of Tasting Table events in Sag Harbor this summer (we also checked out Bridgehampton and Southampton on our adventures).

But, we also booked two weekends in Montauk (aka Santa Barbara, CA with a wild side, on the East Coast) wayyy back in January, when we were super fresh friends. MTK is at the very tip of Long Island, past The Hamptons, and a magical summer-world in itself. Thank goodness we took the plunge! Because I don't think I have ever had more fun in my life than this summer, largely because of these long weekend trips. I love you, city, but I am such a beach girl at heart.

If you find yourself lucky enough to get out to Montauk ("End of the World"), here are the must-dos:

  • Navy Beach : An awesome beach front spot. We came here for drinks, but the food looked bomb too.
  • Surf Lodge : A classic. You are not allowed to vacay in MTK or it's surroundings without a trip to The Surf Lodge (make a rezzy or risk a wait in the long line). 
  • Sloppy Tuna : Only visit here directly after a beach day for a quick drink before night festivities begin, or when you're *ahem* intoxicated enough to not notice how sloppy it truly is. Gotta love it!
  • Joni's : Basically my health heaven on Earth. Endless gluten free options with an endless line. 
  • Gurney's & Scarpetta Beach : My girls at LDV Hosptality encouraged our going here and we were definitely NOT disappointed. The food is incredible, the space is awesome with a massive beach club, they hold fun fitness events through Wellthily, and the bartender makes a mean mezcal old fashioned --- perfection. 
  • Montauk Beach House : If you have the funds, stay here. It is the coolest of the motels (lol that all of the lodging in MTK is motels), with a bumpin' pool and aesthetically pleasing lobby; I took a few pop-up Physique 57 classes here. 
  • Soul Cycle : The Soul studio in Montauk is huge. And who doesn't love to squeeze in a quick workout in between eating tacos (at La Brisa) and drinking ample amounts of tequila sodas with a splash of grapefruit??
  • Left Hand : Coffee is crazy expensive in MTK for some bizarre reason. But if you find yourself feeling splurgey, head here for a $7 almond milk iced latte. And! I discovered the lids fit magically on a Solo cup (so no open liquor container tickets when taking your roadie to the beach!)

As you can see, we ate and drank and were way merry. WE will be spending many more NYC summer weekends at The End of the World.

Have you been to Montauk? Anything I forgot on my list?  xx