WE Gloss pt. I by SPV

A while back, Kimberlin and I chatted about narrowing down our niche in the blog-sphere. WE wanted WE to have it's clear space, for ourselves and readers sake. We each brought a few top priorities to the table. I am passionate about covering NYC finds as well as travels: new places, people from all over the world, and the culinary adventures that come with traveling. Kimberlin had similar priorities, but also emphasized her sharing her love for brands she admires. KBG has a knack for tracking down awesome brands that are doing cool things. Thus was the case when she told me about Glossier, long before the Instagram-cool company hit my feed. 

How gorgeous is their feed?! 

Glossier is a no-BS skincare/make-up co that was born out of the beauty-mecca blog, Into the Gloss. Their tagline is as relatable as it gets:  inspired by real life i.e. very different from the conversation I had with Gracie  in Bloomingdale's this past weekend:

"I want whatever concealer she's (the goddess on the Tom Ford cosmetics poster) is wearing" - S

"That would be Photoshop" - G

"Do they not sell that here?" - S

ANYWAY! The point is, Glossier is inspired by real chicks (like us) for real chicks (like us), and WE think it's a rad company that you might dig, too. 

While Kimberlin waited semi-patiently for her Phase 1 Set to arrive by post, I went to one of the Summer Friday events Glossier was hosting in their penthouse showroom (equipped with an "Escape Room," below).


Glossier's set up for Summer Fridays was nothing short of what one would expect from the new, cool kid on the beauty block: ultra chic (without trying, obviously), down-to-earth, and refreshing to be around. The aesthetic was way cool and relaxing, making it the perfect place to hit up after the long workweek but before the happy hour drinks began to flow. 


How dreamy are those shadows?! 

If you're in NYC or will be stopping by before the end of summer, GO! (A little birdy told me Paint Box will be giving manicures at the penthouse the last Friday of August). 

It is hard to believe summer is coming to a close. That used to not mean much for the two gals that grew up in the uni-season Southern California. But now that we each reside in places with actual seasons (and winters, ugh), the end of summer truly is something to mourn.

To nightcap what has been an ultra fun season for each of us, these WE P babes are heading home for Labor Day! In honor of our love for Glossier and our reuniting, WE will be doing a COUNTDOWN TO CA GIVEAWAY! You have the opportunity (later this week) to win one of our favorite Glossier products! 

More info to come on our Insta ( @we_perceive ) later this week. And stay tuned to WE P for KBG's review of her Phase 1 Set! 

"Take time to smell the flowers. It's true that all good things must come to an end, and August is no exception. They don't call it "fall" for nothing." GOSSIP GIRL

Any brands you're loving we may not yet know about?