WE + Sweaty Betty by SPV

KBG and I use WE Perceive as a platform to express our everyday, crazy beautiful lives, in an aesthetically specific and curated way (it's fun to create pretty things!). Oddly enough, though, something that neither of us rarely writes or Instagrams is something we each do multiple times a week: work out!

Which is why I was even more so thrilled to be contacted recently by the incredibly rad, UK-based workout-gear company Sweaty Betty. While I was honored to be offered free SB swag (who doesn't love to don beautiful threads while sweating their butts off?!), the true thrill came a few days after, when the chicks at Sweaty Betty offered me the opportunity to be the NYC-arm of their FOUR FASHION CITIES blog post. Yesterday, the post went live. Here is an extended version:

I have been in love with barre classes for nearly three years. When I first moved to New York City last year, I tried just about every version of the workout, thanks to the awesome monthly membership program, ClassPass. When I was a fun-employed, fresh transplant, I would book a class through ClassPass at any odd time in any neighborhood, then use that as an excuse to spend the entire day post-class to explore the surroundings. I attribute ClassPass to many of my first New York discoveries. When I found The Bar Method a few months in, though, I immediately fell in love. I love the precision of their take on the ballet-inspired workout; the lethal little movements used to impact specific muscles just seem to work.

I supplement this low-impact torture with the high-intensity, NYC-born, Soul Cycle. Mantas’ classes at the 19th ST. location are my fav. If you’re in New York and looking to have your booty kicked, be by your computer on Monday at noon (when Soul Cycle opens reservations for classes).

New York City workout-gear trends rely on adaptation. NYC has no patience for active-wear that cannot double as a look to be Instagrammed at any given moment. You see, it is rarely convenient to go back-and-forth to one’s apartment in a day, what with the subways and traffic and such. If I am taking the time to squeeze a workout into my chaotic life, it will likely be sandwiched between a “this” and a “that.” Thus, style and fitness go hand-in-hand. My friends and I call it “Sporty Spice.”

The way to achieve such? Black. Black is at the heartbeat of New York City’s stylish soul. While there are awesome ways to incorporate color into your workout-gear regime (take, for instance, the rad looks of SB’s London Edit, mixing blacks and brights to achieve major wow-factor), black offers a blank canvas that lends to transitioning effortlessly from barre to anything else I have on my plate in a day.

I’ll typically head to The Bar Method on a Saturday morning in some version of black leggings/tank combo, polished off with a suede or leather jacket, sunnies, and an easy lip. This makes going from barre to brunch in the West Village with my girls easy as gluten-free pie. 

In the last few years, we have seen an intersection of getting fit and high street fashion. Sneakers are a street-style fav right now and collaborations between designers and active-wear companies are coming out of the woodwork. Fitness fashion is a godsend for all the real life girls (like me) trying to fit it all in: work, working out, having a social life, and all those other things that being a functioning member of society requires, like grocery shopping and paying rent. If you’re looking to update your workout style a la NYC, think more along the lines of “hitting the streets,” and less “hitting the gym.” Then you’ll be dressed for anything life throws at you, which is necessary for the New York City hustle.