WE Have Resolutions by KBG + SPV

One week into 2016 and WE are still set on what we promised ourselves when the clock struck midnight (okay, maybe a few of us were a little too full of champagne to actually make our resolutions at the strike of the New Year, but still...). Here is what WE purpose for the year ahead.


New year means new resolutions! This year, my resolutions focus on personal growth. This is what I plan to do:

  • Travel

Last year was a year of transition. I moved back home, lived with my parents, worked two jobs to save up for my big move, moved back to Portland, and settled into my new home and job. I still feel like 2015 went by in the blink of an eye! Now that I am starting to (finally) feel settled into this new chapter of my life, it is time to explore more. Mini vay-cays, staycations, going abroad, or even exploring more of Oregon. There is so much to see and so much to absorb in our world. And why wallow away in routine when adventure is only a decision away?

  • Balance

 And travel leads into balance. Maintaining balance for a prosperous year of growth. I want to put positive energy into each section of my life: spiritually, physically, personally, mentally, and work on keeping them smoothly in sync. You can always feel when life gets out-of-whack where one area is getting more love than another. That, is a feeling I'm going to try to keep minimal if not gone.

  • Read & Write

SPV is an all-star when it comes to writing. She may not know it, but she is my inspiration for improving my writing skills. Writing is quite intimidating to me at times, yet I adore how it brings clarity and passion to the act of living. This is a note to self to note not to forget how good it feels to write and just let the hand go. Similar to writing, I want to get lost in literature, too. And by that I mean good, paper bound books. No technology. I can feel my mind yearning for a break from the bright screen and to narrow my focus on a captivating story, the good old fashioned way (If you have recommendations, please holler!).

Now onto SPV's New Year! xx


Sooo, Kimberlin just made me blush. Love you, KBG. 

In 2015, my NYE resolution was incredibly tangible. Read about it. By the end of 2016, this is what I plan to accomplish: 

  • Discipline

(in order to get the things I know I want)

I am not a disciplined person. I am a I-do-what-I-want person. And when there is something that I want that requires that I do what I do not want to do to get it, things get, err, complicated.

BUT ... I want nice things, so I need to save money for nice things. I want to feel my best physically, so I need to kick my butt working out and adhere to what I know my body runs most efficiently on. I want to be more in touch with myself, so I need to take the time to marinate in how I feel, what I am doing day-to-day, what makes me happy, what does not, etc. And through that, I want to be in closer connection to God, which requires sacrificing time and control. These all require discipline. And I have come up with systems that will require discipline to adhere to this year. In 2016, I am putting my disciplined foot down.

  • Non-complacency

(in order to get the things I don't yet know I want)

This year could be full of promise. I will reach my two year anniversary in New York City, my two year anniversary at my current job, embark on an adventure I have been saving for for over a year, among all the other not-yet-known things. In other words, shit’s goin’ down. 

What I do not want is to reach the end of this year and feel as though I am in the same place I am today. I have projects I "have been meaning to start" that must come to fruition this year. I know I will have opportunities to make drastic changes in various areas, and I am determined to not let comfort get in the way. I will not be intentional to not accept existing out of my comfort zone in 2016, and taking advantage of what inevitably comes across my path. 

  • Date

Being more vulnerable with WE Perceive was not a resolution but I sure am killing it. When it comes to dating in NYC, it truly is a jungle (think survival of the fittest and playing by the rules of the king of the jungle, Dating Apps). Although I know it is not completely true, it often seems long gone are the days of meeting a nice fella who asks for your number while out with your friends, followed by a dinner date the next weekend. This year, I would like to go on one date. This is not meant to come off as a desperate plea for male attention or anything. It is just, at 23, I have yet to experience an old fashioned date, and that is straight up silly, considering I love talking to strangers. Although some may say it is silly to want to go on a date if I am not looking to date. To each their own. Happy 2016! xx