WE Travel: Oregon Coast by KBG

Life feeling lackluster? Turn the other direction and travel. Whether it be planning a big trip, or simply escaping the city for a quick getaway, adventuring always produces rejuvenating and contagiously good vibes. The key is, mixing up location does a great job breaking routine and refreshing the mind. Personally, it gives me the chance to take a step back in order to gain perspective and channel purposeful energy into all aspects of my life. It serves as the perfect reminder to cherish sweet moments and the simple things. 

That being said, last week's quick overnight trip to the Oregon coast was the perfect little getaway to realign. It was full of good food, people, wine, views, and most importantly, alone time to reflect and breathe. Hearing the sound of the waves crash on the beach, feeling the warm sand under my feet, and the salty air and vibrant sun on my skin result in instant happiness. It is my place of peace, forever bringing me back to my roots and reminding me of the person I am. 

Here are a few quick takeaways I brought back to the city, from my coastal getaway:

  • The importance of escaping to break routine
  • Taking time for R&R (In my case, replenish + reflect)
  • Adventuring to help breakdown creative blocks + discover new ideas 
  • Cherishing moments to appreciate time

And more snaps from the adventure! 

Until the the next adventure!