WE Travel: 4th of July by KBG & SPV


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE 4TH OF JULY! Summer vibes are strong, the sun is shining, and the food and booze is flowing. This year, my friends and I (all 18 of us) decided to go explore the PNW by camping out for the weekend. Funny story, actually. We originally planned to stake out at a campground at Waldo Lake, however we came to discover that going to that specific lake before August is not the move. Think mosquitoes, like A LOT of mosquitoes. Long story short, we had no back up plan, but magically came across three beautiful, first come, first served sites. (at nearly bug-free Black Canyon Campground). Call it luck or destiny, I think the world wanted us to enjoy the outdoors that weekend together. I can't tell you enough how amazing it is to be in nature, away from the city life and having absolutely no service. It's so refreshing to detach and be present in the moment, with a beer in hand of course. Here are a few snaps I managed to grab:

xo, KBG


For me, the Fourth of July is synonymous with salty hair, a sandy bum, and sipping Corona while laying on the beach. Like last year, I once again headed out to Montauk with my girls to celebrate. While one day was spent working at Gurney's, I could think of worse work situations than managing a photographer at a raging Beach Club party where Hannah Bronfman is DJing. Lots of cold brew, even more tequila cocktails, and a healthy amount of tacos, it was a fabulous weekend away from the city...I have the sunburn to prove it. Here's a quick photo recap of the weekend :

Cannot wait to be back in MTK next weekend for another sun-drenched, ocean-filled escape.

xo, SPV