WE Lifestyle: Home, Sweet Home by SPV

My family's Thanksgiving tradition has become quite unconventional ever since I packed my bags to cross the country. Like last year, I spent this year's turkey day in NYC at a restaurant (and the year before in San Sebastian, Spain visiting my brother who was studying there). While there are times I miss gathering around the large dining room table with my relatives in California, there is also something magical about being in the city at the initiation of winter. And to be quite honest, popping in to Dominique Ansel on the way from my apartment to Thanksgiving morning at the Trump Soho - where my parents stay -  just to impulsively purchase a fall treat to share with our room service bacon and coffee had me feeling like a downtown Blair Waldorf (the Thanksgiving episodes are my FAVORITE). Anyway, I recently moved from Chelsea to SoHo, and furniture.com suggested I give you all a little peak at where I now hang my hat ;). 



The white brick makes the perfect backsplash for my primarily black and white non-closet (though I do have one!) and my two windows allow for a decent amount of mid-morning light. To say I'm pleased with our new spot would be a major understatement. 

Thanks to furniture.com for being a convenient shopping experience for recently-moved people like me, and for being the brains behind this post! 

Where did you spend Thanksgiving? 

xo, SPV 

WE Travel: Capri, IT (feat. Hotel Punta Tragara) by SPV

Gracie and I had wrapped up a few days on the Amalfi Coast when we ventured across the stormy Mediterranean on the Positano Jet ferry to our second destination of #WEandGGoverseas: Capri. 

Of all of our locations mapped out on the itinerary, I was most excited to visit Capri. Nautical island culture meets glamor is basically my dream scenario, and Capri is just as fabulous as it sounds. We stepped onto the dock, with the picturesque fishing village painted in the background, to be greeted by Carmine, Hotel Punta Tragara’s representative. He coordinated our luggage with a porter and handed us tickets to the cable car, which would whisk us up the hill to the piazza, where we could walk beyond the “tourist Capri" to the perfect retreat on the far side of the island: Punta Tragara


Hotel Punta Tragara was everything GG and I hoped and dreamed it would be. The lobby fabulous, the staff gracious, and the overall 5-star demeanor non-pretentious. 

After settling in and devouring the “Capri cake” our hotel had welcomed us with, we got pretty and headed to the on-property, Michelin star-rated restaurant, Monzu. For the next few hours GG and I giggled and cheers-ed our way through the seven course tasting menu with wine pairings (that’s a lot of cheers-ing). The ravioli was especially exceptional. Cheers, Chef Luigi and GM Erico! 

We spent the next days doing what we do best: eating 5-star breakfasts with an ocean view, lounging by the pool that overlooked the bay, wandering the pedestrian-only streets, enjoying gelato, sailing around the island on a private boat, and dining at the best restaurants. 

Hotel Punta Tragara, though a 10 minute walk from town, provided the perfect introduction to Capri. When we made the mistake of wandering closer to the port one day, G and I realized just how rare our experience of the island truly was: the tourists coming to Capri for the day rarely wandered farther than the piazza, unless they were going to La Fontelina (right below our hotel). Our Capri felt exclusive and like an escape, and we have Punta Tragara (and our favorites, Francesca and Daria) to thank for that! 


Capri EATS: 

  • Monzu: Michelin restaurant at Hotel Punta Tragara with fascinating flavors and exceptional service
  • Da Paolina (aka The Lemon Trees restaurant): family-owned and an important experience of Capri, eating lemon cream linguine beneath a lemon grove
  • Aurora: awful service but great food (definitely get the chocolate sphere dessert). GG and I spent the whole dinner befriending the couple next to us and nearly forgot how terrible we were treated
  • Buonocore Gelateria: the creamiest gelato whose long line moves quickly as you watch the man make the cones right in front of you 
  • Mamma: Hotel Punta Tragara off-property restaurant. GG and I didn’t make it to our reservation here due to a flight to Barcelona, but the menu looks amazing

Thank you Capri and Hotel Punta Tragara for the wonderful memories. I will no doubt be back very soon. Ciao ciao! 

xo SPV

WE Lifestyle: Happy Halloween!

WE wish you a Happy Halloween, from the WEST to the EAST!

KBG: Babe the blue ox // SPV: Silver fox

WE Travel: Amalfi Coast, IT (feat. Monastero Santa Rosa) by SPV

It's bizarre to think that just one short month ago I was living the dream in Europe. I landed back at JFK and hit the road running- back to work, social life, and taking on every New Yorker's worst nightmare: apartment hunting. Today I officially signed my lease and can now begin processing/convincing myself that the two week trip of a lifetime actually happened. 

The first stop on #WEandGGoverseas was the Amalfi Coast. Here is what you need to know if you’re planning a visit to this picturesque portion of Italy.   


  • Le Sirenuse (Positano): Perfectly central in Positano with unreal views of the village, a great pool, and even better cocktails. My parents stayed here so GG and I spent quite a bit of time on property. 
  • Monastero Santa Rosa (Conca dei Marini): This hotel is on a whole new level. It is an old monetary turned six-star establishment (did anyone else know this was a thing?). While the hotel has a lot of history, it only has six seasons of hospitality under it’s belt (after 10 years of rennovations). The accommodations are inviting and the staff is perfect, but the true dazzler is the view. The untouched mountainscape lies between the infinity pool (hotel guests only!) and the Mediterranean sea, offering a view like something you’ve never seen before. Take it in while enjoying the freshest glass of lemonade in life upon arrival. 

While GG and I stayed at a small hotel in Praiano, when I visit the Amalfi next, I will stay at both of the above. Both hotels are fabulous and fulfill their own purpose: Le Sirenuse, the lively experience of Positano, and Santa Rosa, the beyond-relaxing escape from real-life. 


  • il Ritrovo (Positano): the restaurant has it’s own shuttle service because it is tucked away far above the village. We dined here during a crazy lightning storm, so magical. Don’t miss the eggplant parmesan, the signature Ritrovo pasta, or the tiramisu!  
  • Ristorante Il Refettorio at Monastero Santa Rosa (Conca dei Marini): If you’re not able to stay at Santa Rosa, don’t miss a trip to the grounds for lunch on the terrace. Let me tell you that the "Pizza Meets Sandwich" is worth the drive alone; it is the best sandwich I have eaten in my entire life.
  • Chez Black: GG and I ate here twice in our four days on the Amalfi Coast. It’s central, fun, and the food is good (it is also apparently the oldest restaurant in Positano!). Definitely more of an atmosphere thing than a foodie thing, but if you’re a pretty girl, be prepared to be sat in the front “reserved” tables (and if you Insta like we did, you might get regrammed to join the likes of Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell). The manager also works with the local club, Music on the Rocks. To impress two New York City dames with a nightlife establishment is impressive in an of itself, but especially in a small town like Posi. We had a blast here! 
  • Conca del Sogna (Nerano): This restaurant experience may have been my favorite memory from our entire two week trip. It was the lunch recommendation made by our boat captain. It’s honestly difficult to sum up in words. It was the most gorgeous, refreshing, fun, relaxing, chic, and yummy beachside meal. Conca del Sogna (“the basin of dreams”) is something you have to experience for yourself. 


  • Private boat: Being on the Amalfi Coast is gorgeous. Seeing the Amalfi Coast from the sea is life-changing. 
  • La Botteguccia: Handmade sandals by Giovanni in Positano. For 60 euros he’ll make your design come to life while you enjoy a negroni down by the shore 
  • Profumi di Positano: Organic perfumes and soaps with the kindest shop owners



Traveling to the Amalfi Coast was a dream come true. Let me assure you, it is as picturesque as the photos splattered across Pinterest. It also holds such a special place in my heart because it was the first stop on #WEandGGoverseas (and more than a year of planning and saving!) and the location our trip crossed over with my parent's. So here are my final thoughts...

  1. If I could spend every day of my life on a private boat sipping wine, I would
  2. How can a place be so damn photogenic?

Just wait until you see Capri. Coming soon! xo, SPV

p.s. Check out GG's Amalfi Coast coverage HERE  

WE Travel: 4th of July by KBG & SPV


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE 4TH OF JULY! Summer vibes are strong, the sun is shining, and the food and booze is flowing. This year, my friends and I (all 18 of us) decided to go explore the PNW by camping out for the weekend. Funny story, actually. We originally planned to stake out at a campground at Waldo Lake, however we came to discover that going to that specific lake before August is not the move. Think mosquitoes, like A LOT of mosquitoes. Long story short, we had no back up plan, but magically came across three beautiful, first come, first served sites. (at nearly bug-free Black Canyon Campground). Call it luck or destiny, I think the world wanted us to enjoy the outdoors that weekend together. I can't tell you enough how amazing it is to be in nature, away from the city life and having absolutely no service. It's so refreshing to detach and be present in the moment, with a beer in hand of course. Here are a few snaps I managed to grab:

xo, KBG


For me, the Fourth of July is synonymous with salty hair, a sandy bum, and sipping Corona while laying on the beach. Like last year, I once again headed out to Montauk with my girls to celebrate. While one day was spent working at Gurney's, I could think of worse work situations than managing a photographer at a raging Beach Club party where Hannah Bronfman is DJing. Lots of cold brew, even more tequila cocktails, and a healthy amount of tacos, it was a fabulous weekend away from the city...I have the sunburn to prove it. Here's a quick photo recap of the weekend :

Cannot wait to be back in MTK next weekend for another sun-drenched, ocean-filled escape.

xo, SPV